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The Ghost of Porlock’s Least Favorite Son

Missing Zero

I’ve decided to name Coleridge’s infamous person from Porlock Bennett Channing. By way of background, for those of you who are unsure of whom I speak, the mysterious Mr Channing is that inconsiderate (and previously anonymous) personage responsible for rousing Samuel Taylor Coleridge (STC) from his slumber, at the exact moment the great Romantic poet had been busily composing his masterwork Kubla Khan, while under the influence of an opium-induced reverie.

Immediately upon waking (or so the story goes) STC had next promptly forgotten the greater part of what would go on to become one of the most revered poems within English literature. For evidently the poem as we know it is but a mere fragment of a supposedly more complete work of genius lost due to said misfortune.

Likewise, I too have experienced my very own “Bennett Channing”-moment this very morning. Hence, my obvious eagerness to “name and shame”…

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Classes I Would Love to Teach

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My dear friends,

I recently discovered what appears to be a perfect school for me to call home. Fortune appears to have smiled on me and they have a social studies position open. What makes this school perfect for me is that both students and teachers initiate classes in their discipline and curiosities. If I correctly interpret the school’s website, they encourage teachers to be themselves and promote a vigorous form of self-direction for both teacher and student. Although, it was not asked for in the application package I wanted to offer them a sample of classes that I can see myself teaching in the core areas I would be expected to teach, namely:

  • US History

  • Economics

  • Government

  • Geography

  • World History

  • Current Events

  • Psychology

  • World Religions


The common themes that keep coming back to me and how I teach are:

  • humor

  • popular culture provides a convenient starting point

  • dichotomies…

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Utterly Puerile Verdict

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

I have seen a turnaround in my music listening over recent months. I was giving Notorious B.I.G. a spin the other day (yeah, I know… at my age…) and I thought, ‘This is utterly puerile!’ I do like the laid-back sounds but the lyrics are nasty – but not even in an Eminem uber-Gothic way. Misogynistic.

I think one’s ‘walk’ does affect how you listen/see things – in a good, refreshed and renewed way.

Am not giving up my R Kelly though! Thing with Kelz is that his lyrics have a lot of humour  – and that gospel singing background and his religious upbringing make him a more complex artist. Plus the man is a modern day crooner, big time. I find listening to his music so relaxing. Reviews of his book Soulacoaster say R Kelz comes across as a bit of a jerk. But a jerk with humour…

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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 23, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

AURA the Adam Lambert Tribute Magazine can now be pre-ordered!!

Please get your pre-orders in to help it move forward! It’s going to be AMAZING!

AURA blog banner



Rumor that Adam may be performing for Broadway Cares Tonight!!!

Sunday, June 23, 9:30 pm & Midnight
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street, NYC


Both performances are sold out. A limited number of tickets also may be available between 3 pm and 7 pm on Sunday, June 23 in the lobby of Roseland Ballroom. Ticket availability will be based on cancellations and returns. Tickets will be first-come, first-served. Cash or credit cards will be accepted.

This year’s Broadway Bares will feature special appearances by 2013 Tony Award winners Judith Light and Billy Porter, Tony and Olivier Award winner Alan Cumming…

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Hollywood Hates Math

Mean Green Math

Dan Meyer spliced together scenes from various movies where knowledge of mathematics is denigrated. Since a big part of my job is instilling confidence in my students that they can indeed succeed in my classes, it’s a little depressing to see that I have a big opponent in popular culture.

This video has the occasional PG language and innuendo, while I prefer to keep my classes rated G to every extent possible. Some time ago, Dan was kind enough to post the original movie sources for this clip, and someday I might edit down this clip to something that I would be comfortable showing in class.

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