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Best Frenemies Forever

Longbox Graveyard

Longbox Graveyard #105

By now, you all should be familiar with the musings of Mark Ginocchio, the creator of the Spider-Man focused Chasing Amazing blog and the author of past posts on Longbox Graevyard such as his retrospective on Marvel’s Secret Wars mini-series and his two-part post on Spider-Man’s greatest battles. This week, Mark is writing about his two favorite Silver Age teenage superheroes – one of which is of course, the Amazing Spider-Man, but the other is the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm/Human Torch. Take it away Mark:

During the Silver Age of Marvel comics, one of the more fascinating relationships featured two characters from different titles. Spider-Man and Human Torch, Peter Parker and Johnny Storm respectively, were Marvel’s flagship teenage superheroes. But rather than team together to create crazy pubescent hijinks a la Archie and Jughead, Spidey and Torch started out as bitter, heated rivals before finally…

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M.I.A Knew about N.S.A. Spying Three Years Before News Media Did

The Spanish Prisoner


In 2010, the British pop singer, M.I.A., released a song called “The Message”, which contains the line: “Your headphones connected to your iPhone / Your iPhone’s connected to the Internet / The Internet’s connected to the Google / The Google’s connected to the Government.” Which is an accurate description of what’s been going on.

The Justice Department has just announced its plans to charge Edward Snowden with espionage. It seems that the government and its supporters in the news media are outraged that an N.S.A. employee dared to tell the American people what any intelligent person could have guessed.

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Don’t Let this One Trail into Oblivion: See Tom Cruise’s Latest SF Flick


OK, a confession: I liked Oblivion. Quite a bit, in fact. Why that should be shoehorned in as a confession I have no idea, except that the movie currently stands at a “rotten” 55% on the tomatometer. Less than half of the critics who saw it liked this movie, and I’m writing this post to tease out some of my feelings on that.

Without giving much away that people can’t glean from the previews (or the first 5 minutes of the movie, if you must know) 60 years from now, the earth has been abandoned in the aftermath of a human-alien war. Jack Harper (the ubiquitous Tom Cruise) and his companion/partner/all-round nice to have around gal Vica are literally the last humans remaining on the surface, or actually, high above it if you want to get technical. Vica manages communications from inside while Jack gets cleanup duty, draining the last…

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80 Years of the Caped Crusader: A Screen History of Batman; Part 1.

Film Through Time.

Batman is a character that’s truly been through the ages. Existing since his conception in 1939, Bruce Wayne has remained a dominant figure in popular culture ever since, all the way up to the groundbreaking Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012) by director Christopher Nolan. In this article I’ll analyse and dissect every appearance of our beloved caped crusader on the big screen, as well as some notable television moments and some relevant factoids from the books that started it all.  

So before we dive right in, let’s talk a bit about the origins of Batman’s conception. Bruce Wayne was just a boy, as he saw his parents die in front of him in the hands of a mugger, as a result Batman was born. Bob Kane and Bill identify a lot of inspiration from The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Zorro in their creation of Batman. Both are aristocratic vigilantes with double identities, that…

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