Paula Deen: Designated Racist

The Restless Mind

Paula Deen, once the object of criticism and ridicule for her unhealthy food choices, is now being denounced  and repudiated for her unhealthy ideas. Ms. Deen is now the US media’s Designated Racist, whose function is to demonstrate that racism still exists in this country, but it’s not us and we won’t tolerate it.

To be completely honest, I have no interest in Paula Deen. I don’t watch the Food Network. I don’t read her magazine or follow her on the internet. If she maintained a hostile work environment, as a former restaurant employee is charging in a lawsuit, she’ll pay a hefty penalty. If she has lost fans, as has been reported, she’ll get more. (Remember the people who rushed to the defense of Dr. Laura Schlesinger when she lost her radio show for using the “N-word” on air several time in a row, supposedly to make…

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