Don’t Let this One Trail into Oblivion: See Tom Cruise’s Latest SF Flick


OK, a confession: I liked Oblivion. Quite a bit, in fact. Why that should be shoehorned in as a confession I have no idea, except that the movie currently stands at a “rotten” 55% on the tomatometer. Less than half of the critics who saw it liked this movie, and I’m writing this post to tease out some of my feelings on that.

Without giving much away that people can’t glean from the previews (or the first 5 minutes of the movie, if you must know) 60 years from now, the earth has been abandoned in the aftermath of a human-alien war. Jack Harper (the ubiquitous Tom Cruise) and his companion/partner/all-round nice to have around gal Vica are literally the last humans remaining on the surface, or actually, high above it if you want to get technical. Vica manages communications from inside while Jack gets cleanup duty, draining the last…

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