Assignment 1-4-5 Written Analysis 4: Formulas


The theory of formulas as it relates to YouTube is not unlike any movie you may watch. Just as good movies have formulas, some YouTube videos have formulas. Good books have formulas that work well, as do well written and presented commercials, like Snoop Lion’s Hot Pocket commercial and Chevy’s apocalyptic 2012 commercial. The typical formula of the hero, called to adventure, saving the day, and returning to a safer and happier existence is just one more example of a formula that works.

There are formulas for all types of movies but YouTube is not just movies. Sure, there are full-length movies on YouTube, but it’s much more of a free for all. YouTube is about videos, not full-length movies. If YouTube itself were a movie, it would be like the Wild West, but in this version, the cowboy doesn’t save the day. I am not sure we even need…

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