Regional Market

allie brown

(I titled this “Regional Market” because I don’t if it’s farmers market, farmer’s market, or farmers’ market… someone please enlighten me)

So, I’ve been looking forward to Saturday, all week, just for the farmers’ (we’re going with that one) market. Being that I’ve been somewhat of a nomad for the past month, I’ve had little to no groceries in my house. Knowing I’d be home this weekend, I decided I’d hold off on going to Wegmans, and hit up the market, instead.

The last few days, I’ve been living off of muscle milk, pickles and frozen spinach. Anyone who knows me, knows I get insanely grumpy when I don’t eat properly. It was really rough, guys…

but, I survived.

A few weeks ago (aka the only Saturday I actually was in town, last month) I went to the farmers’ market with my sister. It ended up being somewhat of a…

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